The Connecticut Recyclers Coalition is a group of corporate, municipal, institutional and private members working with recycling and related issues in Connecticut. Formed in 1989, CRC assists members in improving the efficacy of their own programs, educating the community, and advocating policies and programs that make recycling more effective and economical.

CRC Priorities

Corporate Recycling: Provide commercial and industrial members with techniques to cut costs through recycling and source reduction.
Improving and Enhancing Existing Programs: Support the State’s legislative goal of recycling 40% of the waste stream.
Market Development: Stimulate and create Connectiut markets for post-consumer recyclables, including compost.
Source Reduction: Advocate pollution prevention.
Organics: Promote composting of organic materials as a large and valuable part of the waste stream.
Beyond the Mandate: Promote recycling of non-mandated items to the extent that the market will bear.
Household Hazardous Waste: Advocate the manufacture of less toxic products, encourage household hazardous waste collection programs and public education programs.