Recycling Tips

What are the econmic advantages of a recycling program in a business?

It really depends on the type of business. In some cases you can get credits toward replacement supplies or shipping fees mostly with things like cardboard boxes (Wal-Mart has this program) or crates (Lowes does this). As far as clothing retail, reusing the hangers means you have lower overhead on your fixtures, although you will still have some breakage or loss from time to time it is a greatly reduced replacement rate. In certain types of businesses its difficult to recycle due to health concerns for example, medical, dental, aestheticians, and to some extent foodservice but purchasing recycled, for example paper goods, can be a small cost saver on daily operating costs.

In theory paperless billing for any business can be a cost saver, but there is still an issue of consumer trust.

What is a good recycling program for a middle school?

While you should be thinking of this yourself if it is an assignment

-Have the cafeteria put recylcle bins in the lunchroom, and ask students to recycle everything they can (possibly with a school assembly in the gym to promote awareness).
-Ask that all classrooms put a special bin for recycling all paper products, then bring the paper to your town for recycling.
-Speak to staff members to about turning off all the unnecessary electrical products al night and on the weekend to promote less enegery use.
-Ask the custodial staff to lower the heat needs 2 degrees in the winter, and rise the air conditioning temps 2 degrees in the summer.