Why You Should Use A Squarespace Website For A Restaurant In Naples, Florida


Should a restaurant in Naples, Florida, use a Squarespace website? The answer is yes, and there are some reasons why. If you’re a restaurant in Naples and you’re thinking about using Squarespace as well as Local Naples PPC
, then continue to read on because the top reasons why will be discussed.

The Templates
Many restaurant owners in Naples, and in general, find it difficult to set up a website, especially if they have never created a website in the past. The bottom line is you need to create a site that is functional, appealing and easy to navigate. This is exactly why you should use Squarespace to set your website up.

Squarespace offers you many templates and quality images. In fact, the images you choose to use will look amazing, and potential customers will notice them. Best of all, you can customize the templates, that way you can make sure your website is unique and not the same exact thing as another person’s website.

As for your choices, you can consider templates such as Peak or Aviator. Other good choices include Momentum and Dovetail. However, the choice is completely up to you.

Mobile-Friendly Websites
More people than ever before are using mobile devices to access the internet and to find restaurants in Naples and the surrounding areas. They love using their devices when they are out and about. This means your restaurant’s website needs to be mobile-friendly. Plus, mobile-friendly sites tend to rank better in the results pages of the search engines than websites that are not mobile-friendly.

The good thing about the templates from Squarespace is that they are mobile-friendly. You will have peace of mind knowing your website will be easily readable on mobile devices. If your competition doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, then you will have a competitive edge over them.

It Integrates With Google Maps.OpenTable
When you create a website with Squarespace, then you’ll be able to integrate it with Google Maps, and with ease. This is good because it allows you to tell potential customers how to get to your restaurant or where to find it. Google Maps offers restaurants in Naples a lot of potentials.

Once your restaurant’s website is all set up, you can add a map widget to it. After you do this, you’ll enter your restaurant’s address and then Squarespace will handle the rest. When the process is completed, then you’ll have an appealing Google Map that has been customized specifically for your Naples restaurant website.

By the way, your site can integrate with OpenTable too. This handy widget allows you to tell your customers how they can make reservations. You do need to have an account with OpenTable. Integrating OpenTable with your Squarespace website is easy it doesn’t take long to do.

Customized Menus
You can create customized menus. This is one of the best features you get when you create a website with Squarespace. Your customers will love being able to view your menu on your website, and you can easily make changes to it regularly.

SEO Friendly
SEO is what can boost your website’s rankings in the search engines results pages. There are SEO enhancements that will help your site climb the ranks of Google. The higher your restaurant website appears in the results, the more customers you will get and the more profits you’ll make.

Having a Squarespace website for a restaurant in Naples, Florida, is a great idea. As you can see, Squarespace offers many quality and useful features. If you want to experience all of the benefits of having a Squarespace website for your restaurant, then head over to Squarespace’s website and see what plans they offer.